Willett on the mend and ready to contend

Danny Willett is admittedly still on the road to recovery but says he’ll be fit enough to take on Lake Karrinyup Country Club for this week’s ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth.

The 2016 Masters Champion’s shoulder has presented a struggle but the Englishman said today he is starting to see improvements despite a lengthy break.
“I’m kind of three or four months behind where I should have been because I couldn’t hit any balls for 12 weeks,” said Willett.

“The shoulder was going really well, like I said, even to be able to play 36 holes in Dubai for the first time in four months was just nice to even be able to compete with no pain.”

He reached a significant milestone in his rehabilitation at last week’s Maybank Malaysian Open completing a complete round without relying on painkillers for his shoulder.

“Malaysia was the first time in five years I’ve not played on painkillers. So there’s a lot of positives going forward, so now it’s just a matter of time of getting game ready, getting sharp, and actually looking more at the golf now instead of the body.

“I’m just really looking forward to just playing. For me my main goals right now are to be pain free, to go back to the room every night,go to the gym and feel pretty good about where my body is.”

Following the good signs on his fitnees levels, Willett now turns his attention to this week’s ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth. While it’s not his first trip to Lake Karrinyup Country Club, he will be making his debut in the stroke play / match play hybrid.

“Obviously it’s a funky format, I watched it last year on TV and really thought it was good, it puts a different spin on golf,” added Willett.

“We play a lot of 72 hole tournaments throughout the year and there’s a couple of match play events in there, but this obviously just throws it a little bit different in the mix there with the six holes and obviously the short pitch playoff hole as well.

“I think it was part the reason we’ve come down here, because of the format and because of where it is, and obviously where we’re at within our game to come and really enjoy what is a very different week.”

He said the two cuts made on Friday and Saturday open the door up for any number of Professionals in the field to put their hand up and make a charge for the title once Sunday gets underway.
“I don’t think experience is really going to play a part in a six hole match, I think it’s more about who’s playing good golf and who’s going to come out firing.

“You know, you could get a guy that’s competing in his first ever tournament, but if he reels off four birdies in a row, which everyone’s capable of doing, there’s nothing you can do.

“So I think that’s why the format is so intriguing, I think that’s why guys really enjoy it.”